1210, 2017

The Pain in my Writing, the Pain in my Soul

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I know that romance is the number one selling genre in books, yet I write about just

811, 2016

Three Tips For When Attending a Conference

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When I was a new author in the literary industry, I would attend conferences and literary events

508, 2016

“The People I Write About”

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No matter what book event I'm at or which side of the map it's on,

1807, 2016

Being a Role Model to My Audience

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I hear authors say it all the time: “I write my book for everybody-not just one particular audience.” 

305, 2016

Did I Choose or Was I Chosen?

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There are Christian fiction writers and then there are Christians who write fiction. There is Christian fiction,

1002, 2015

New Day Divas

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